Auto-Cannibalism: Weird Reasons Why Animals Eats Themselves In Their Ecosystem

Feeding on one’s own young ones is a commonly heard phenomenon in animals. This could be for any reason… For food, for dominance, eliminating possible competition or any other reason in nature. This is called cannibalism.

Many of us would admit to chewing our fingernails, but there are distinct species out there that munch away on far more intimate and essential body parts.

Nature is cruel and inevitable whoever co-habit with it. Some animals inflict all manner of horrible torments on themselves, on their species as one of their significant animal behaviors.

However, there is an extreme animal phenomenon that occurs in terms of some species eating their own body parts – ”The Auto Cannibalism” . It is considered as a very rare natural occurrence in the world today.

Some animals such as dogs, apes, bears, rabbits can possibly chew off this limbs, remove their tendons or even break their bones when they find themselves in a life-threatening situations or when caught in an hunter’ trap. This is the cruelty of nature one can say as no other option is left at that time. It’s better for them to get handicapped rather than losing their life.

An intense dimension is found in some reptiles. Snakes are found eating their own tail for strange reasons, Researchers discovered that Snakes are predators that uses heat sensor and scent to hunt their preys. Odour from the body of the prey on its body could confuse the snake, observed in constrictors.

They also exhibit ”caudal luring” or tail wagging, they are basically reactive than proactive and they mostly do this to when they are excited. This movement could their attention , make them think it’s a prey and starting taking bites constantly or swallowing.

In other words, while snakes do try to eat themselves from time to time, it does not seem to be intentional.

Some species of mammals also eat their own placenta (Placentophagy) and fluids during delivery. This can also be categorized as auto-cannibalism.

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