Simi Shares Her Views On The Challenges Women Encounters To Be Successful

Simi has shared her thoughts about the hurdles women face in their journey to becoming successful. 

The singer stated that women are so strong and sweat blood for a spot at a function that disrespects their sweat. She added that women also end up convincing people that they deserve a spot at the table. 

She tweeted;

If I didn’t vent, I woulda stayed mad. How’s ur day going?

I woke up angry today cos of a conversation I had before bed. Women are so strong. So OBVIOUSLY strong. You sweat blood for a spot at a table that disrespects your sweat. Then you spend EVERY SINGLE DAY convincing people you belong there. And the damn table isn’t even all that.

”And when you say “Fuck it. My life, my rules.” They ask why. It’s because it never ends. Nothing is ever enough. And complaining is a waste of time. This is why most of the women that STAY winning have to win on their own terms. Ass-kissing is exhausting.”

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