Download Music: Mosa – IllJustSayIt (I Love You)

Mosadeoluwa Adegboye mostly known as ”Mosa’‘ is the voice behind the harmonious kicks, accompanied by the melody of a soulful symphony. Delivered a great deal of emotions, rhythm, quite adorable lyrics that get you so attached to it for days on this song.

According to the concept of the song, it is simply normal if you have ever wanna confess your undying feelings to a friend, if you want to or you have simply tried it before and it didn’t work out… Well, hey you did it at least, that simply means one thing: You got the balls!

Go ahead and don’t hold yourself pouring your love on someone, if they don’t appreciate it in return, well they lost a rare gem. One in a million.

And I love you too!

Download Music: IllJustSayIt(I Love You) – Mosa

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