Challenging: American Octomom Surprises The World

The happy household of a one-time social media curiosity has channels attention to the world healthy octomom ever.

Natalie Suleiman having survived given birth to octuplets in 2008, has become the centre of attraction for the american media personality, given the fact to have undergone such extreme experience with mulitple growing foetus in her womb.

In 2008, Natalie Suleman was implanted with 12 embryos by Dr. Michael Kamrava, a Beverly Hills fertility specialist who had also implanted her for all six of her previous in vitro pregnancies.

Medical guidelines suggest a woman in her 30s should be transferred no more than two embryos at once, but it’s not law.
It is quite hard to believe a young mother goes into labour when she is due and in the next few moments, a young life pops out. In Nadya case, 8 new life forms ejected out of her – you can imagine how much energy and faith she must have gathered to drive them safely to this world.

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